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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Since I can remember, I have always had an affinity towards online blogging culture.

But why? 

Growing up, I have always had an affection for story-telling. I remember my frenzied reactions as a kid towards new scholastic book club catalogs, my foray into the world of TED Talks, and my brief love affair with art history and indie cinema in high school.

Nowadays, I don't seek out those mediums as often as I used to (or at all), but I always find myself asking the same of others: tell me a story.

I wanted to create dimthelightssum as a place for me to reciprocate the many years of stories and wisdom gifted to me in the form of blogs, podcasts, lunch-time conversations, and so much more. And there are so many things worth sharing and exploring as a new college graduate! 

I am undertaking a period in my life bent on discovering life well-lived through new hobbies, restaurant hunting, mindful relationship-making, and navigating work-life balance as a corporate working gal. Dimthelightssum will be my own way of keeping an authentic journal for a spirited life well-curated.

So here I am now taking command of my own pen.

Though it will feel entirely new to be placed on the other side of the looking glass, I’m excited to share with you my new adventures. 

Thanks for reading, and hand me that cold brew. I’ve got some writing to do!

Steff ♡

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